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A Powerhouse Innovator & Visionary

On a mission to inspire people 
to use the power of innovation to defy the odds.

This is me

I want to get as many people who look + think differently out in front.

"Innovation is creating something that didn't exist before."

I am on a mission to redefine the word innovation.


I don’t think it belongs to just Silicon Valley and millionaire tech startup founders.


We all have the power to create something that wasn’t there before, and that, in my opinion, is the real definition of innovation.


I want to create a movement of courageous creators and put the power back into the hands of the people.

Looking to evaluate how you're being innovative in your own life?


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Protecting CourageJustine Evirs
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Protecting Courage

A podcast about real people finding the courage to defy the odds in tiny moments of time. 

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I believe that we must not only learn how to anticipate change but we also must learn how to create it.

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Thank you for taking the time to explore and engage in this digital discovery zone of resources and content. It's been built with great intention – with the hope it will inspire you to use innovation to defy the odds.


All of my content serves to provide you with tools and resources that help you find a way to create your own rules in your life and business.


I want you to leave here knowing you have the power to overcome all that life throws at you and you can make your own rules along the way.


I also have the great privilege to connect you to a community of others I admire who are using innovation to achieve success, personal freedom + impact.

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