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Justine Evirs is a  business consultant, Stanford University Graduate School of Business alumnus, and Navy Veteran. She teaches women executives & entrepreneurs to create consistent revenue models and business plans. Her authentic leadership style - paired with her passion for building, psychologically safe, and inclusive environments - are the secrets to the energetic and high-powered teams she builds and leads.

Evirs operates under the assumption that everyone has the ability to innovate in their own way. Her work teaches clients to anticipate change while also creating it. As the Owner & Creator of her signature 12-week programs, Courage to Create and Courage to Lead,  Evirs teaches leaders to trust their instincts and use creativity to create values-based organizations and solutions for worldwide social problems. 

Evirs is a frequent speaker and podcast guest - with nearly 100 appearances. She has spoken on global stages, and at over 100 events and podcast, shows combined. As the Founder of The Paradigm Switch (TPS) Evirs successfully bootstrapped over $500,000 in donations and led over 40 volunteers during her time as President. TPS was acquired by Columbia University in June 2021 and now serves as the first military spouse program under their Center for Veteran Transition & Reintegration.


Evirs has pioneered global innovative program design & mastered eco-system development as the Operations Program Manager for North & South America at Founder Institute, which is the world’s largest idea-stage accelerator based in the heart of Silicon Valley. She also flexed her grassroots community organizing & nonprofit leadership skills during her three-year tenure at Bunker Labs - a National nonprofit that helps veterans and military spouses start businesses. At Bunker Labs, she served as the Bay Area Executive Director, Head of Advocacy, and West Regional Executive Director. 

Evirs serves on the Advisory Board, a subject matter expert, and teaches innovation and entrepreneurship at The Rosie Network whose mission is to teach military veterans and spouses how to start and grow businesses. Evirs is the host of Protecting Courage Podcast - a space for raw, honest, and psychologically safe conversations and events. The podcast has over two dozen episodes with diverse guests, focused on social justice themes. Currently, she is residing in Burke, Virginia with her active-duty husband of 17 years and their 3 children. 


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