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“Entrepreneurship helped me find the courage to move forward in spite of doubt."- Justine Evirs

After spending a couple of years working and living in Silicon Valley, I started to see the world differently. I started to think with an infinite mindset and expand my network to people who worked at our nation's largest tech companies. I met Founders that were raising millions of dollars for something they were building in their living room – and I talked to people who were the 2nd and 3rd employees of companies like Slack and Pinterest. 


That Summer in 2017, I was accepted into the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Ignite program and had the opportunity to study Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Little did I know that I would start my own organization, The Paradigm Switch on that campus, in the evening hours of the program. I always knew that I wanted to be a business owner but I never thought of Entrepreneurship in the way that Silicon Valley did. They spent their days and nights finding ways to create things that didn’t exist before as fast as possible so their customers could determine their next move. I saw myself in these Founders and the first problem I took on in my entrepreneurial journey was the global military spouse unemployment problem at The Paradigm Switch.


Entrepreneurship has taught me more than I ever bargained for. It taught me how to lead without my ego, how to avoid burnout, how to build and lead globally distributed teams, and how to build a global organization with very limited resources. 

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You have this amazing intuitive mind and heart to hear what I share about different aspects of my businesses, then you clearly put into words what I'm thinking but can't seem to articulate or don't have the business vocabulary to express it. I feel like you're in my head and heart and truly understand my passion, purpose, and vision.

-Cathy Turner Murphy

Founder of The Healthy Living Navigator

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