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“I’m building innovative solutions that give the power back to the people.”

My Why

Everything I have ever built, led, or changed was an opportunity for me to pay it forward for everyone after me. I wasn’t born into money, legacy money, or even the right zip code for decent public school education. As a bi-racial, bi-sexual, 1st generation college student who grew up in the Washington D.C. are for the majority of my childhood, I saw myself in the people who were often being left out of the conversation. 


As I climbed the corporate ladder in my career, I found that organizations were leaving out a large portion of the population in the way they built new products and services.

Whether it was womxn, minorities, low-income households, not college-educated, and even LGBTQIA+ communities, I constantly found myself struggling with the idea that 'what we were doing right' was enough.


Courage to Create

Creator & Owner

Courage to Create helps Founders, Creators, & Artists find the courage to simplify the process of building their business by helping them tap into their core purpose and trust their instincts.

Justine is on a mission to redefine Innovation. She is currently serving as the Founder and Owner of Courage to Create which is a 12-week entrepreneurial & innovation program that serves Founders, Artists, Intrapreneurs, Creators and the Dreamers of the world. Justine has recently launched her new program Courage to Lead which is a small and intimate group coaching mastermind for Founders and or high level executives who desire more authentic leadership. Justine is leading fearlessly and creatively building a portfolio of business leaders who are breaking the rules, following their intuition, and leveraging their creativity to change the world in their own unique way.


When you are in your creative zone, absolute magic happens.  Your ability to see and create full programs from a mess of scrambled ideas is amazing to watch.

Nicole Smith
Courage to Create Client in 202o & 2021

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