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My ideas and ways of approaching problems were different. They always involved the people I was leading or building solutions for. I always approached problems from the bottom up and ignited a grassroots movement. Typically my ideas for change are so radical that I know I can’t achieve anything without the people I am serving right by my side. 

I remember when I lost funding for The Paradigm Switch. It was the holiday season of 2019 and I had to dismantle my entire organization and lay off our entire team during the holiday season. As hard as it was, I knew that as the Founder & President I had to accept responsibility and tell the truth. I had to embody radical honesty publicly and share exactly where I went wrong as a 1st-time Founder and new executive-level leader. 

My leadership is a showcase of my personal growth. As I push myself to grow personally and professionally I am constantly finding ways to pay it forward to everyone around me. I am striving to be exactly who I wish I had when I was in that particular situation, and when I don't know the answer, I default back to my personal core values of courage and humility. 

It takes courage to step out of line when no one else is willing to. It takes courage to do the right thing when no one is looking and it takes even more courage to put your people before profit in a capitalistic society. I don’t ever want to be the leader who doesn’t lead by example. I want to always “walk the talk I talk.” 

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You create an environment where those who are around you want to do their very best and you encourage them in a way that makes them understand that anything is possible...with hard work. I love that you are direct about realistic outcomes. As a serial entrepreneur, you are a role model demonstrating the real and true picture of business - to include the ugly.  Your authenticity about your successes and failures sets you apart and make you approachable.

- E’Beth Goad

Owner, Personal Wardrobe Stylist  


 “Justine has a whole lot of humility and just the right amount of sass.”

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