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My Why

Everything I have ever built, led, or changed was an opportunity for me to pay it forward for everyone after me. I wasn’t born into money, legacy money, or even the right zip code for decent public school education. As a bi-racial, bi-sexual, 1st generation college student who grew up in the Washington D.C. are for the majority of my childhood, I saw myself in the people who were often being left out of the conversation. 


As I climbed the corporate ladder in my career, I found that organizations were leaving out a large portion of the population in the way they built new products and services.

Whether it was womxn, minorities, low-income households, not college-educated, and even LGBTQIA+ communities, I constantly found myself struggling with the idea that 'what we were doing right' was enough.

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The Paradigm Switch


The Paradigm Switch teaches military spouses how to design a life they can take anywhere in the world. The Paradigm Switch is a global movement of military spouses who are unapologetic about their ambitious career goals and commitment to their military lifestyle. 

Founded on the campus of Stanford University in 2017 Justine is currently leading a global community of military spouses who have come together to pay it forward for the next generation of military spouses. The Paradigm Switch is constantly challenging the status quo of what it means to be a modern-day military spouse. With a global learning community and innovative curriculum that is accessible anywhere in the world, Justine is proud to have invested her own money to stand this organization up, continue to serve as the President, and the opportunity to lead and mentor military spouses around the globe. 

The Paradigm Switch was aquired by Columbia University's Center for Veteran Transition and Intergration in June 2021.


The Rosie Network

Board of Advisors & Instructor

Inspired by WWII icon Rosie the Riveter and her ‘We Can Do It!’ attitude, The Rosie Network was founded by Military Spouse and Veteran entrepreneurs to EMPOWER, IMPACT and ADVOCATE on behalf of our nation’s service members and spouses seeking the American Dream of small business ownership. 


Justine came up with the idea for The Paradigm Switch and built a global community from scratch. She drew from her own emotional personal experience and saw the deep need in the worldwide network of military spouses and acted decisively. What I admire most about the organization she has built is not only the practical services that The Paradigm Switch provides, but more importantly the inspiration and support that she knew military spouses need to become the change that they always knew they had innately within them.


Managing Partner at Triple Summit Advisors

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