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My name is

Justine Evirs

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& I am

the host of

Protecting Courage

I have 3 reasons why I started this podcast and I would like to share them with you today.


  1. I want to inspire and work with people who are defying the odds.

  2. I believe that we must not only learn how to anticipate change but we also must learn how to create it.

  3. I believe that we are all leaders and have the power to change minds, hearts, and cultures through conversation and storytelling.


Always feel free to email me directly your feedback or your own inspiring stories of how you are defying the odds in your own unique way at

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Justine Evirs

Host & Co-Producer

Justine Evirs is a Navy veteran, military spouse, powerhouse innovator & visionary who is on a mission to inspire people how to use the power of innovation to defy the odds. She is the Founder & CEO of the Courage to Create & the Founder, Host, and Co- Producer of the Protecting Courage Podcast. She also serves as the President & Founder of The Paradigm Switch; a global non-profit that teaches military spouses how to build a life they can take anywhere in the world. Justine is currently residing in Kyiv, Ukraine with her active-duty husband of 16 years and their 3 children.

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Jessica Gisele


Jessica Gisele is an Army and Air Force veteran, military spouse, and a servant leader who specializes in production, writing, and directing. She is the Founder & CEO of the J. Gisele, an events and entertainment production company. Jessica is the coproducer of the Protecting Courage Podcast. She volunteers her time with Army Community Service and the Armed Forces Network in Wiesbaden, where she assists with production projects for the local Army community. She lives in Germany with her active-duty husband of 15 years and their 4 children.


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